age Groups and Distances

Swim Bike Run
Adult Tri - 10 Years & Up ~150 yards 4mile 2K
3 - 5 Years ~10 yards
(parents can assist in water)
0.2 mile
(parking lot loop)
Quick Dash
(transition area to finish line)
5 - 8 Years 50 yards (2 pool lengths) 3/4 mile loop 1/4 mile
9 - 11 Years 100 yards (4 pool lengths) 3/4 mile 1/2 mile
12 - 14 Years 150 yards (6 pool lengths) 3/4 mile 1 mile


If a parent has full confidence that their 5 year old can successfully complete the longer swim, bike and run distances without any parental assistance they may enter into the kids Tri! 5-8 year old race and be eligible for an award.


Kids Tri! Ballantyne participants (5-14 years) must submit a 50 yard swim time for seeding purposes. Any swim time changes can be made by emailing No changes will be made after Wednesday, July 11th. Being a pool swim with a staggered start, participants are seeded from fastest to slowest with their age group. Each participant will be assigned a number based on their swim time within their age group. They will then line according to their race number - #1, 2, 3, etc.


A staggered start race is where participants will be depart from the "in the water wall" start every 15 seconds. The oldest age group (12–14 years) will launch first from lane #6 and “snake” around six lane lines, swimming one way in each lane. They continue to swim one-way for all of the six lanes before exiting at the pool steps and heading to the transition area (TA). Age Group 9-11 years will line up at lane #4 and complete their four lane “snake” swim before exiting at the pool steps. Age Group 5-8 years will launch at lane #2 and complete their two lane “snake” swim before exiting at the pool steps. Race officials and volunteers will line up each swimmer and start them accordingly.

The Preschool division (3-5 years) will swim approximately 10 yards in a designated lane next to the wall. Parents are allowed to assist their preschool child in/out of the water. Floaties and kickboards are allowed for preschool kids only. Lifeguards will be in the water to provide assistance as needed. No times are needed to submit for the Preschool Fun Tri!

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